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Ground transport | United Kingdom | France | Ireland | Portugal | Latvia

Whether you are travelling to the United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Portugal and Latvia for business or leisure, you can count on The Travel In Group for your ground transport needs. We have the best ground fleet that includes Saloon cars, vans, small and medium-sized coaches.

Why us?


As an experienced ground transport company, your safety is our top priority. We value all our clients. For this reason, we ensure all our chauffeurs and drivers are well trained. They undergo regular training, tests and evaluations to ensure they meet all set road safety regulations.

We also have a well-maintained fleet for the total safety of all our clients. Every car is regularly serviced for safety, comfort and reliability. What’s more, the cars have been insured and operate per international road safety standards. Much more, they are roadworthy, clean, and safe and provide all the space you need to enjoy your tours.

All the drivers are also courteous, friendly, and supportive and have the best knowledge of the UK, France, Latvia, Ireland and Portugal. This means that you will get all the information you need as you explore different destinations.

Ground transport | United Kingdom | France | Ireland | Portugal | Latvia


We are a reliable company that guarantees the best ground transportation services. Our cars are spacious, we have the right number of staff and we value your comfort and safety. Our team will always ensure you are at the pickup point on time because punctuality is crucial. When it comes to airport transfers, our experienced drivers will ensure you get to your destination on time.

We are an executive ground transport company that understands the meaning of leisure and fun. When exploring either of the cities, you can be sure of reliable services in terms of service delivery, your safety, protection and all that pertains ground transport.

We offer excellent services

Similarly, we are specialized and experienced ground Transport Company. We offer ground transfer services to the seaports, airports, homes and hotels. We have cars specifically tailored to match your needs. For your tours, we ensure you ride with the best drivers for the experience of a lifetime. We have wealthy experience in sightseeing tours among other exciting travel destination needs.

We also have ground transport services to different popular events and sights. It doesn’t matter whether the event is taking place in the UK or France. We are a well-coordinated company that ensures you make the most out of your trip.

Affordable services

We understand that ground transport can be quite costly. However, with a team of experts, you can enjoy quality rides at the most affordable prices. We are specialists in the field and offer different packages based on your travel plans. We design a package that works best for. Whether you are travelling alone or with friends and family, there are different vehicles, couches and vans to choose from. This allows you to settle for a ground transport package that will not cripple your budget.

Therefore, if you want to travel and enjoy your trip, you can count on us for the best ground transport. Our amazing staff and the quality of our cars ensures that you enjoy luxurious travels across different destinations that we cover.

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