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Our Client.


If you are a business person or you have ever done business, you probably realized that the customer is the most important person in the transaction. It is, therefore, a requirement that for a business to be successful, your customers should be happy with your services.

At The Travel In Group, we have realized this and as such have put in measures to ensure that our clients are always satisfied with the quality of our services and thus will be willing to work with us again. BY doing so, we have been able to attract many of the customers we have now.

Who are our clients?



Businessmen are very busy people and thus need the fastest means of transport to make it to their meetings and other activities. Recently, we have become one of their favorites due to our consistency and reliability. Our airport and port pickups have enabled businessmen to enjoy a smooth experience even if it's a new country.

Some of these clients have praised us for the level of professionalism displayed and the quality of the services.

2.Tourists and Sight-seers.


Lovers of nature and traveling enthusiasts have also become among our biggest clients. Since our tour guides have undergone training, they are able to interact well with the clients as they take them to the parts of the city with the best features. This has ensured that most of these customers have referred us to their friends and family after the experience!

3.Event planners and organizers.

Traveling together with friends and family can be one of the most enjoyable things you can do. Whenever there are special events such as weddings, sports events or even an outing, most planners have trusted us for our quality, well-maintained coaches which are hired at a very affordable price!


Most companies lack adequate coaches to accommodate all their employees in case of a corporate meeting or even team building activities.  Our keen maintenance on the state of our vehicles has attracted these companies to trust us with for hiring our coaches. Some companies even go to the extent of hiring some of our chauffeurs. This displays great confidence in our service.

What our clients love.

Based on the reviews received from our clients, we able to deduce some of the things that our clients enjoy by working with us.


For most of the businessmen, they have praised for our time consciousness in picking them at the airports, taking them to different areas in the country with no arising challenges.

Quality services.

Most of the tourists have praised us for the friendly customer care, tour guides, and even the chauffeurs. Their feedback stated that the tour guides know all the cool places in town thus delivered them an experience of a lifetime!


At The Travel In Group, we believe that customer satisfaction is our number one priority and thus endeavor to deliver the best we can. Just like most of our other clients, you too have the opportunity to experience amazing services during your travels. Try us today!

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